Author Biography

Kristin & Chuck

Kristin Barton is a Traditional Wiccan High Priestess who leads Spiral Tor Coven in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN USA.  She holds the 3rd degree in Blue Star Wicca and the 2nd degree in Lady Sheba’s Tradition.  Trained in Raven Star Coven of Minneapolis with her husband and High Priest, Chuck, Kristin began teaching students in 2007.

Having written professionally in a variety of publications since 2002, Kristin naturally fell into writing about her passions in life, which include Wicca, holistic health, cooking, paranormal subjects, energy healing, and general Pagan studies.  Her clips include glossy international magazines, websites, business to business marketing materials, and press releases.  Kristin holds a B.A. in human services administration and has worked extensively as a social services case manager and advocate.

In writing about Wicca and answering many questions on the internet, it became apparent to Kristin that there were holes in many beginner books for seekers.  She decided to write her first book, “Prerequisite to Wicca 101:  A High Priestess Reveals What Beginner Books Won’t Tell,” in answer to that issue.  She plans to write more books on advanced and beginner subjects.

Kristin offers these professional services, which she finds to be in alignment with her spiritual path as a priestess:

  • Reiki training in Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki systems (Local Minnesota and some travel retreats)
  • Spiritual House Clearings, specializing in malevolent hauntings by human ghosts (Local Minnesota and Wisconsin areas)
  • Removal of negative spiritual attachments and personal instruction on spiritual hygiene for magical practitioners (Local Minnesota and Wisconsin areas)
  • A limited number of legal and non-legal handfastings and weddings for all consenting adults (non-traditional marriages welcome)