Lughnassadh is Nigh

Time to Celebrate the Harvest! In the Northern Hemisphere, the next Sabbat at the time of this writing for Wiccans and Wiccish Pagans is Lughnassadh/Lammas. The reason that I write Lughnassadh/Lammas is that there are basically two ways to celebrate this Sabbat, either as Lughnassadh, which is celebrated based on the story of Lugh, the […]

Kenny Klein, Blue Star High Priest, Guilty: The Aftermath and Going Forward: An Opinion Piece by a Survivor, containing strong words and well-placed profanity

I am a Blue Star Wiccan High Priestess. It’s a huge part of my life, my identity, and my mission in this incarnation. I would like to make clear that no one person speaks for the Blue Star Tradition, and I certainly don’t approach any topic as a spokesperson for my Tradition. That said, I […]

Taking the Whacko Out of Wicca

Reposted from my Quora blog.  Original date:  Yuletide 2016 Hello, All. I hope that this post finds you snug and warm, as this Yuletide has been a chilly one for those of us in the American Midwest. While sitting here in my warm, witchy kitchen, I find myself musing about the recent news that an […]