Lughnassadh is Nigh

Time to Celebrate the Harvest! In the Northern Hemisphere, the next Sabbat at the time of this writing for Wiccans and Wiccish Pagans is Lughnassadh/Lammas. The reason that I write Lughnassadh/Lammas is that there are basically two ways to celebrate this Sabbat, either as Lughnassadh, which is celebrated based on the story of Lugh, the […]

We are the Witches Who Turn the Wheel

“We are the Witches Who Turn the Wheel, and so the Wheel Must Turn” My good friend Rob explained it to his Grove students this way: Teacher: “Of course, if no one were to turn the Wheel, the Wheel would not turn.” Student:  “But that’s ridiculous.  If no one observed the wheel, the sun would […]

Taking the Whacko Out of Wicca

Reposted from my Quora blog.  Original date:  Yuletide 2016 Hello, All. I hope that this post finds you snug and warm, as this Yuletide has been a chilly one for those of us in the American Midwest. While sitting here in my warm, witchy kitchen, I find myself musing about the recent news that an […]

On Selecting an Athame

Considerations In selecting an athame (AH-thah-may, or in some Traditions, ah-THAH-may), there are some important considerations to take into account before selecting your tool. Tradition:  Many Traditions have entitlement requirements for certain tools.  If you are training in a Tradition that requires that you take initiation before owning an Athame, then it’s advised that you […]