Kenny Klein, Blue Star High Priest, Guilty: The Aftermath and Going Forward: An Opinion Piece by a Survivor, containing strong words and well-placed profanity

I am a Blue Star Wiccan High Priestess. It’s a huge part of my life, my identity, and my mission in this incarnation. I would like to make clear that no one person speaks for the Blue Star Tradition, and I certainly don’t approach any topic as a spokesperson for my Tradition. That said, I […]

Reflections on Mabon

It’s not just Wiccans who celebrate the Wheel of the year.  Pagans of many stripes celebrate the Solar Sabbats, and connection with the Wheel can even be done in a secular way, if desired.  Of course, to most Pagans, everything is spiritual, so it may seem silly to our Pagan minds to try to secularize […]

The Three Degrees of Wicca as Hero’s Journey

Understanding the Meaning of the Degrees as More than Milestones I have had the pleasure of talking with many, many Wiccans of all stripes, as well as with Neo-Pagans with various sorts of “wiccishness” to their practices and paths.  It’s true that not every Traditional Wiccan is going to agree with me on my interpretation […]

The Art of Astral Manifestation

I grew up humming, “When you wish upon a star…Makes no difference who you are…Anything your heart desires will come to you…” I had no idea that this was really a soft reference to witchcraft, but it was, indeed! Sorry to the folks at Disney, but y’all crossed over into the world of Astral Manifestation […]

The Nine Sacred Woods

“Nine Woods in ye Cauldron go; Burn Them Quick and Burn Them Slow….” This is an excerpt of a paper I wrote when I was working toward initiation in my home coven of Raven Star. According to the Clannada na Gadelica, a Gaelic culture education organization, there is little scholarly evidence as to which woods […]

Readying the Covenstead for Samhain!

It is at almost this exact time every year that it hits me.  Samhain is not only upon us, but we can feel the Veil at its thinnest.  The house must be prepared for welcoming the Ancestors as the coven convenes for our Highest Holy Day.  It is the New Year for us.  It is […]