The Great Marriage is Celebrated at High Summer

Here’s hoping you all had a wondrous Litha, either through formal ritual or through reflection on the season of the Summer Solstice!  As you know, I run a coven so often I can’t post here on the Sabbat because I’m busy with the holiday.  We had a beautiful circle last night with the opportunity to speak with Deity directly through our Initiate vessels, plus we enjoyed a wonderful divination and power raising.  It was, as it were, Divine.

LadyofLithaAt High Summer, the overarching myth cycle in the Wheel of the Year points to the Great Marriage, or Union of Opposites, when the God and the Goddess are united in a handfasting and He as the Sun is at His peak of power.  This is the tipping point where opposites of dark and light battle and the darkness prevails as the Sun wanes after this Sabbat festival.  The Sun loses in strength until Samhain when He becomes Lord of the Underworld and the Goddess gains in strength, pregnant with the New Lord to be born at Yule.

So what can we do now in our own lives to celebrate this portion of the Wheel?  Here are some suggestions:

1.  We can honor the “opposites” in our own life by uniting them into one balanced energy, such as making a plan to nourish both body and spirit equally.  Perhaps this means committing to one day in the gym matched by one spiritual exercise, or uniting the nurturing of body and spirit through yoga practice.  Or, this could mean bringing other opposites into play, like choosing to connect with opposing energies through the mindful wearing of black and white, reflecting on the experience in your spiritual journal.  What opposites can you imagine you can bring together for greater growth in your life?

2.  The Great Marriage can be literal too.  Are you partnered?  If so, it’s a great time to give extra attention to your beloved(s), honoring your commitments to love and romance and all that goes with them.

3.  If you feel “unbalanced” or in flux in any way, now is the time to bring out the good old “pros and cons” exercise and decide how you will return to better balance.  What needs your attention right now?

Here’s wishing you a wonderful summer with friends, family, love of the Divine, and joyous self-expression.  Whatever is most important right now in your life, may it be graced with balance and joyous harmony.