WiccaOnce upon a time, I was a new Wiccan.  I had the good fortune of finding a solid Wiccan education and I respect how hard it is for new Wiccans to do the same.

Fast-forward a decade (o.k…a bit more than a decade, but who’s counting…).  I’m running a chartered coven and now I’m on the receiving end of a lot of questions from new Wiccan seekers who just want solid answers about Wicca.  So rather than write the same e-mails over and over, I created this site to answer the questions I am most commonly asked.  It is filled with the opinions of one formally trained High Priestess with a successful coven.  Hopefully it will provide food for thought, conversation starters, and information that new seekers can make use of as they make their way on their Wiccan paths.